The culmination of 5 years
of research

OENOTERRIS® is the result of 5 years of research and development on grapevine nutrition and stimulation programs, as well as Decision Support Tools for the management of must fining programs in wine cellars. It marks a turning point in the history of the SOFRALAB® Group, who aims to respond in an innovative way to the oenological challenges of the present and of the future.


Reasoned viticulture and oenology, an innovative concept

Since today's viticulture and vinification techniques are directly impacted by climate changes such as temperature rise and climate-related incidents, grapevines that develop or are harvested prematurely, or acid/alcohol imbalances in wines, these techniques need to evolve in this regard in order to better meet consumer requirements. .

Reasoned viticulture and oenology seek to provide improved analysis and understanding of issues, so as to promote diversity and the "right" choice of technological itineraries from the grapevine to the bottle, while preserving the quality of the wines.


From grapevine to wine


Programme Blanc enables white and rosé wines to better express their fresh, intense aromatic profile.


Programme Rouge enables red wines to better express their fresh, fruity and rich aromatic profile.


Our range of biostimulants

Developed to meet specific oenological aims. Depending on the colors of the varieties being vinified, the range of products for the grapevine includes three nutritional biostimulants with complex liquid formulations.

To optimize grapevine flowering
To optimize the aromatic potential
of white and rosé wines
To optimize the polyphenolic potential
of red varieties

Managing your fining strategy

SMART'APP Fining is a decision support tool that enables a better use and reasoning of must fining to preserve the must’s characteristics, improve juice quality and optimize production costs.


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Launch of Oenoterris®

The culmination of 5 years of research The result of work begun after 5 years of research and development on ...

79 Avenue A.A. Thévenet
CS 11031 - 51530 Magenta
Tel.: +33 3 26 51 29 30


79 Avenue A.A. Thévenet
CS 11031 - 51530 Magenta
Tel.: +33 3 26 51 29 30

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